We are very happy to welcome your return to the library! For your safety, please read and adhere to the following requests:

1. All who enter the library will be required to give their name, phone number, and have their temperature taken and documented by a library staff member.

2. Eight (8) people will be allowed in the library at one time, and will be allowed to browse for a maximum of thirty (30) minutes.

3. Please do not reshelve materials you have pulled from the shelves. Place those materials you do not wish to check out in the nearby bins that are labeled for those items.

4. Genealogy research is limited to one (1) person at a time for thirty (30) minutes if there are others who wish to use the room. This person is not counted in the eight (8) maximum people allowed to browse.

5. Public computer use is limited to one (1) hour if there are others waiting to use computers. Appointments to use computers will continue; however, walk-ins will be accepted. Hours for using public computers are: Monday - Friday 10am-12pm & 1pm-3pm. Those accessing WIFI with their laptops in the study area will also have a time limit of one (1) hour.

6. Persons who are visiting the cafe for lunch or coffee will also need to check in at the front table, but they are not counted in the eight (8) maximum people allowed to browse.

7. No restrooms, study rooms, meeting rooms, lounge areas, or water fountains are to be used. Teen lounge area is also off limits. Children's play areas are off limits.

8. Children are required to stay with their adult at all times. No children are allowed to browse in children's department. No activities allowed in children's department except adults browsing stacks.

9. If there are eight (8) people in the library and someone comes to the door to make copies, that person will have to wait until someone leaves the library, or they may have a library staff member make copies for them while they wait in the lobby.

10. Library will close to patrons one (1) hour before regular closing hours so that staff can clean and sanitize areas used. Those hours are: Mon.-Thurs. 5:00, Fri. 4:00, Sat. 12:00.

11. Curbside service will continue during current set hours.



Give us a call at 870-793-8814 during our hours of operation (M-Th 9-6, Fri 9-5, and Sat 9-1). Let us know which items you would like to check out and when you think you will come to pick them up. We will gather the items for you and check them out to you. When you get to the back entrance, either call us or come inside the foyer and knock on the library door. We will then give you the items you requested after you show us your library card. You can also return items at this time, or you can drop them in the drop box in the rear parking lot.

It's that simple! Give us a call.


  • Hours of Operation

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  • Sunday CLOSED
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  • Monday - Thursday 9:00 am to 6:00 pm 
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  • Friday 9:00 am to 5:00 pm | Saturday - 9:00 am to 1:00 pm                                                                                                          
  • call to reserve computer 870-793-8814 ext 1