Independence County Library Circulation Policy

Library cards will be issued at five (5) years of age.  If under age 17, a parent's signature is required.  All applicants ages 17 and over must present photo identification before being issued a library card. Library cards will be mailed to the patron to insure the correct address is entered into our system. A photo may be taken of patron on the day of registration and stored on his/her computerized account.

Information required for library card:

Name, address, phone number, county of residence, optional e-mail address and e-book request; also, name, address, and phone number of contact person not residing with applicant.

Library card:

First card free
Second card - $3.00
Third card - $4.00
Fourth card - $5.00
Fifth card - $6.00
Sixth card - $7.00


Patron is responsible for his or her card at all times.

Patrons must present library card to check out library materials or to use library computers.

Overdue fines:

5 cents per day per item
Notice - overdue fine plus $1.00
Phone call - overdue fine plus $2.00


Check out:

New library card - No items may be checked out until patron has received new library card in the mail. At which time, regular circulation policy applies (see below).

Non-fiction – 2 books per subject, no limit on subjects, however, total of all items not to exceed 20.
Fiction – amount you can reasonably read in two (2) weeks, however, total of all items not to exceed 20.
Audio-Visual - 2 items per format (DVD, CD). R-rated materials are clearly labeled. Patrons under the age of 18 are not allowed to check out R-rated DVDs.

Periodicals -- New periodicals in binders are allowed one (1) day checkout. Older periodicals, those not in binders, may be checked out for two (2) weeks. A total of six (6) periodicals, in any combination of new and old, may be checked out at one time. 

Total items checked out not to exceed 20.

Lending period for all materials (unless otherwise stated) is 2 weeks.

Interlibrary Loan items will only be borrowed for patrons in good standing. Lending period for these items will be two (2) weeks and may not be renewed. Interlibrary loans are dependent upon availability and the discretion of this Library.

If patron has three (3) library items overdue more than 14 days, or fines in any amount on his/her account, he/she will not be permitted to check out additional library items until the overdue items have been returned or paid for, if lost, and the fines have been paid.


Library materials not on a waiting list may be renewed one time only, for a period of two (2) additional weeks from the original due date. Interlibrary Loans may not be renewed.

Patrons may have a maximum of 20 items checked out.

Library hours:

Sunday -- Closed
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 10:00 AM - 6:00 PM
Friday, Saturday 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM


Out-of-Area Patrons

Patrons who live outside Independence County who wish to obtain a library card will be charged $10.00 per year for use of our library's services. These services include all materials and public computers, including Internet usage. Patron must present photo ID and pay the $10.00 fee before using library's services. Out-of-area library card will be valid for one (1) year from the date of registration.


Checkout limit is 5 e-Books.

Lending period is two (2) weeks, at which time the item will be automatically deleted from user's e-Reader. If the title is not on another patron's waiting list, user may go to website and check out item again using the same process as before. Item will then be available for two (2) additional weeks. If there are holds on the title (on waiting list) user will need to add his/her name to holds list and recheck item when it becomes available.

When selecting items to check out, maximum number of titles a user may add to his/her Cart is five (5). The length of time items remain in user's Cart before they are removed and put back into circulation is 30 minutes.

User has five (5) days to retrieve a title after it has been placed on his/her waiting list.

The maximum number of titles a user may add to their waiting list is 5 titles.


Approved by the Independence County Library Board, April 16, 2018.
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  • Monday - Thursday 9:00 am to 6:00 pm curbside service only
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